#20x20Challenge Workouts

Complete twenty 20-minute workouts during the month of August 2016!


The most important thing is that you STAY SAFE, listen to your body and move slowly and with control. If you are just getting back into training, please start light! You can always increase weight as the weeks roll on, but the key when it comes to consistency is being able to wake up and train again tomorrow! So watch the soreness, stay smart and stay safe.

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In the #20x20Challenge, I am challenging you to complete twenty 20-minute workout during the month of August, and stay accountable to me and the thousands of other women participating my clocking your workouts on Instagram. Follow @jillfit.


I have provided downloadable workouts for you below on this page. There will be 8 weight workouts (4 for Aug 1-15th and 4 for Aug 16-31st), plus 6 cardio workouts you can mix and match. I have provided a recommended calendar of workouts for you below.

You can do your own 20-minute workouts OR you can use mine OR you can do a combination of the two. But here are some hard & fast rules:

  • This is mostly a weight-training challenge so AT LEAST 12 of your 20 workouts need to be resistance training with weights.
  • Workouts should be 20 minutes. They can be as long as 30, but anything longer than that means you are sacrificing intensity, and while that’s certainly fine, that’s not the goal of this challenge. The key for this challenge is consistency and shorter workouts are simply easier to fit in. And the shorter the workout, the more intense it can be. Any workout longer than 30 minutes doesn’t count!
  • You must have an Instagram account to be in the running for accountability prizes. I need to see each day of the challenge represented in separate images with hashtags #20x20Challenge and #day1 (or whichever day you are on, going all the way to 20). I will not be checking Facebook or email for accountability.
  • You can certainly do more than 20 workouts, but again, the challenge is 20 short, 20-minute workouts.
  • All workouts below are 20 minutes, and the videos allow for download, streaming, audio-only and PDF. Take your pick.
  • Unfortunately due to the high volume of participants in this challenge, we will not be able to do tech support for people who have issues with the videos. If your browsers are up to date and you have decent internet speed, you should have no issues. If you do have issues, you can always download the PDFs and work from those. And I am also not a tech genius so unfortunately, if they don’t work for you, try them on another device or browser, but I don’t have anything else for you! 😉

Complete twenty 20-minute workouts in August!

Hashtag all your IG posts #20x20Challenge and #day1 (or whatever day you are on)

How you share on IG:

I want to see your daily workouts. Your photo can be anything showing that, from a sweaty selfie to a photo of your gym to your chalked up hands to an Instaquote with an insight you gleaned from the workout. I also want you to describe the workout, what you did (doesn’t have to be super detailed) and how you felt in the description.

This will essentially act as an online training journal for you. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ACCOUNTABILITY. We get to keep one another accountable. There’s something about committing to something publicly and in a bigger way that puts us on the hook! And I love putting myself on the hook — it’s one of my main motivational/productivity strategies. So tell your friends and family you are doing this. Ask them to do it with you. Show up on Instagram every day excited to share your progress and your consistency. Be an example to those around you and who follow you.

Be featured with JillFit: In order to be considered for a JillFit feature, be sure to EXPLAIN as much as possible in your descriptions. What workout are you doing? What do you love about it? What’s difficult for you? How does it make you feel? What’s the insight there? How are you helping those following you on IG better better and feel more motivated.

In other words, you can write whatever you want, but if you just hashtag it #20×20challenge #day1 and write nothing else, you’re not really teaching or giving insight or sharing, and it won’t be featured.

How to #hashtag stuff: in the description of the photo, you need to hashtag both #20x20Challenge and #day1 (or whatever day # you are currently on) so I can keep track of all your participation. You will go all the way to #day20 (not necessarily *on* August 20th, just whenever YOU finish).

Some housekeeping: You cannot participate for the prizes without having an Instagram account. I am not going to be keeping track of workouts elsewhere. It’s free to set up an account and you can just create one for the challenge if you don’t want to do anything else. Be sure your account is set to Public and not Private/locked if you want me to see your workouts. I can’t see them otherwise. You can always make it private again after the challenge. Because of the volume, I will miss it if you just tag me @jillfit, you MUST use the hashtags.

Some photo examples:





4 Weight training workouts for August 15-31st below

The reason some of these have random #s in the title is because they are featured workouts in the Total Training Experience (TTE) program, and are part of specific programming! You’ll have an opportunity to join next year’s TTE on August 23rd, but in the meantime, just ignore 😉

New workouts for Aug 15-31st:

Shoulders & Stairs Workout (no stairs? Do burpees for time instead)

“Squat Lunge Madness” Workout (you can always default to using DBs)

Lower + Upper Body Circuits #1 (you can always default to using DBs for anything)

Upper Body & Plyos


Archived August 1-15th workouts:

Full-Body Met Con #2

Leg Volume Workout #2

Upper Body (Shoulder Focus) for at Home #1

ME Full-Body Home Workout #4

PLEASE NOTE: These are intense workouts! And they are done Rest-based Training style, a Metabolic Effect concept that means YOU take rest as much as you need to on your own, and don’t wait for me, because there is no structured rest. But that doesn’t mean you keep going, kill yourself and die. It means you take rests strategically so that you can come back into the workout with intensity when you are ready. I DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE SO SORE THAT YOU QUIT THE CHALLENGE! Go lighter than you think, so that you can stay consistent! Don’t overdo it. Listen to your body FIRST, me second. Stay safe, stay smart! I want you healthy! Xo


All Cardio PDFs (right-click and Save File As to download):

Please note, listed below are what I consider intermediate to advanced workouts, which means you need to listen to your body and adjust speeds and levels according to your unique fitness level. Just because a certain suggested level is written does not mean your common sense goes out the window, you alone are responsible for taking care of your body and adjusting for what it allows. Be smart, be safe!






20min_treadLIFT_SimpleSteppin_Incline Walk

BONUS for the at-home gals: Short&Sweat_TrackSprints (you can do this on a flat street or field)


Suggested Workout Calendar for August 15th-31st:

Download it – 20x20Challenge_Aug15-31

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