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JillFit Total Training Experience
52-Week Lifestyle Education & Training Solution

Now only thru Monday August 31st at 5pm EST

webIMG_1020EDITWhat is it?

The JillFit Total Training Experience is a comprehensive 52-week journey into a healthy lifestyle.

I created this program because honestly, I believe quick fixes like 7-day jump starts, 21-day detoxes and 30-day nutrition challenges are doing us a disservice and keep us struggling for longer. They’re irresistible in the sense that as humans, we like novelty and we are swayed by the promise of a fast fix and a once-and-for-all solution.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to see it), the solution is strapping in for the long haul. It’s finally realizing that there are no shortcuts. That’s why I created a year-long educational journey, because real, lasting change happens over time, learning your body and its unique responses to food, exercise, stress and your psychology. You can’t rush sustainability.

This transformational journey includes 52 weeks of educational material sent right to your inbox, as well as an online portal to log into and access monthly workouts, nutrition info, mindset resources, and on-going video education.

What is included?

This program includes:

  • 34 Video workouts: Upon purchase, instant access to 12 full-length video workouts downloadable (+ 2 new videos each month ongoing) – workouts for both at-home and the gym
  • 50 Cardio workouts – downloadable PDFs for treadmill, elliptical, bike, stepmill, sprints for the track and hills
  • Monthly Workout Schedule – exact schedule to follow to stay on track
  • Weekly nutritional and lifestyle coaching – via a weekly email from Jill
  • – Bi-weekly educational coaching video
  • – Bi-weekly educational coaching email
  • Access to any/all content ongoing, as available:
  • – Webinars
  • – New workouts (video or PDFs)
  • – New podcasts/interviews

This program does NOT include:

I wanted to create an affordable DIY option for those who need the accountability and direction but might not be able to pay for customization and one-on-one access. SO, this program is completely DIY, meaning you get all the information and education drip-fed over the year to help you stay on track, via email and the online portal. There is no individual coaching or online support groups associated with this particular program.

Who is it for?

  • Someone who needs the direction and consistency of a program but wants to own their process
  • Someone who is fed up with the short-term jump starts and detoxes and wants a solution that lasts
  • Someone who is ready to start a comprehensive education IN THEMSELVES
  • Someone who realizes true, lasting transformation must come from within and are ready to commit to the work necessary
  • Someone who is going to take 100% responsibility and ownership of their actions, attitude and results

Who is it NOT for?

  • Someone looking for an off-the-shelf meal plan — this is about learning YOUR body through education, introspection and tenacity
  • Someone who’s not ready to take on ownership completely and just wants a coach to tell them what to do (this doesn’t work in the long run!) This is NOT for someone who wants to give it over to a coach or guru.
  • Someone who wants it to be easy. Easy is earned through time spend learning YOU. 52 weeks is the minimum amount of time required

The goal is consistent implementation for a year with the big rocks, quit “program jumping” and start doing consistently — no off-the-shelf meal plans, no rigid rules, only insight, learning, effective workouts and a complete education in YOU.


How is this program delivered?

Upon purchase, you will an email to confirm your subscription into the program. Please check your Junk email folder or spam folder if you don’t get it within a few minutes. Note that this email will go to the email you have on file with Paypal. Then, click confirm, and you will receive a follow-up welcome email with info on what happens next. This is also how you will be receiving your weekly educational emails for the program.


On Monday August 31st, you will receive your log in details via email, for the online portal, where you can access the workouts for September. You will receive all weekly educational emails on Saturdays from then on.

Any questions about the program or any issues you encounter when getting started can be directed to me at!

A journey worth thousands…

BUY NOW: One payment of $197

Cause closes Friday Aug 28th at midnight PST