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Product description: The product is 10 weeks’ worth of daily educational EMAILS and exercises, hitting on everything mindset, relationships, food obsession, body image, breaking the yo-yo dieting cycle and a ton on creating the life you want, while relying 100% on YOU. It’s brings together the latest in positive psychology, willpower research, as well as more new-age insights and tons of personal stories and examples of success.

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Email #1: Program now open

Suggested send date: May 19th

Subject: How to get your mind right (a lil’ tough love)



Jill here, with JillFit Physiques! So honored to be guesting on today’s email about the importance of mindset, especially with my 10-Week Mindset Makeover program launching this week! [affiliate sales page link: where you put your ClickBank affiliate name in place of xxxxxx].

People tell me I’m a little on the tough-love side of coaching. But what can I say? I believe in taking responsibility and owning your process. If I insisted on waiting for other people to do my inner work for me, I’d be waiting forever! I love taking the reigns and immersing myself in the good, the bad and the ugly of the process. And of course reaping the benefits.

So, a little tough love for you today. Ready? 🙂

  • Your mindset drives your decisions.
  • Your decisions drive your actions.
  • Your actions drive your outcomes.

The results you are getting (or not) has everything to do with how you approach the process, and how you think about body change. Not luck or other people or circumstances. Your self-belief is everything.

Think about it. Thoughts are things. 

How you talk to yourself and what you choose to believe about yourself shows up in the world, unmistakably.

It shows up in how deserving you feel, the degree of confidence you exude and in the outcomes you achieve.

You matter. First and foremost for yourself. Because if YOU don’t think you can do it, who will?

When I first got into the fitness profession, no one in my circle really understood how you “made a living.” People said I was throwing away my degree and that it was a waste of time to train for a figure competition when grad school apps needed to be submitted.

I struggled with going the traditional desk-job route vs. figuring out how to make money, and (more importantly) a difference doing something I loved and following my dreams.

But at some point I had to choose: put stock in myself and own my choices regardless of who “gets it” and let the consequences be mine alone, OR fold and appease.

It was scary and uncomfortable, but I gave myself many mental pep talks and eventually stood firm in my passion, even though I had no clue what it would look like. Or really, how I would make it work. I just trusted that I would work.

The amazing thing is that later on, all those who initially questioned my decisions started getting on board after seeing the drive and passion it takes to follow your dreams! I am grateful for that support, and I can fully appreciate it now because I don’t need it.

Self-belief matters big time. What you think about you is everything. You have to believe IN YOU first, no one else can. And then watch what happens 🙂

The universe gives you exactly what you believe you deserve!

Are you ready to do the inner work on yourself?

My 10-Week Mindset Makeover [affiliate sales page link: where you put your ClickBank affiliate name in place of xxxxxx] is now open for registration, today through this Friday July 25th only.

The program is an online program delivered via email, every single day for 10 weeks (70 emails!). In the course, I provide a complete mindset education spanning awareness, beating your inner victim, choosing your attitude for success and then putting it all together to create a sustainable approach to nutrition and training, with minimal obsession and body-hate (no thanks!).

====> All the details here [affiliate sales page link: where you put your ClickBank affiliate name in place of xxxxxx]

Remember, the program closes this Friday so grab your spot ASAP!

Looking forward to working with you! Email me [] with any questions!




Email 2: Value adds + a PS for the program
Suggested send date: May 21st

Subject: people who get and stay lean use THIS one tool

Hey there!

Your mindset around building a healthy lifestyle is the foundation upon which everything else is built. I often say that a physical change without a corresponding mental one leaves something to be desired.

In other words, a healthy body without a healthy mindset is unsustainable. And actually impossible.

Because if you ask people who have lost weight and who have kept it off, they will tell you that they stopped approaching the process like it was going to end in 30 days or 12 weeks or next year. They buckled in for the long-haul and committed to the ups and downs of the process.

This long-view is very different than the common dieting mindset, where you are either “on” plan, eating clean as a whistle (no cheats!) OR you are completely “off” and eating whatever you want. All-or-nothing always ends up being nothing, doesn’t it?

People who successfully maintain their leanness have found a way to LIVE in that middle place, incorporating both healthy shortcuts and a resilient mindset. They know it doesn’t happen overnight. They know it’s not going to be a linear and predictable process. They know they can’t be impatient.

THESE are mindset insights to adopt if you want to finally be successful.

I asked my friend Jill Coleman, of JillFit Physiques to give me her fav mindset tool for both positivity and results, here’s what she wrote me:

“My #1 tool for long-term success: benefit of the doubt (BOD)

Giving it to others AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, to yourself.

Benefit of the doubt is an instantaneous perception-shifter and it gives us the wiggle room we need to stay the course. The opposite of BOD is rigidity, and we know how well that works for long-term success 😉

Here’s how it works…

If you’re like most women, you struggle with some insecurities and self-doubt. On some level, you don’t think you’re good enough.

Maybe you pepper your language with “shoulds” and apologize for being you, or maybe you preface everything with a, “I know I need to be better…” or maybe you self-judge constantly, saying something and then immediately following it up with an “I know that’s bad!”

You edit, you censor, you second-guess, you put on the show of someone who has it all together, when on the inside you feel like a fraud.

One thing to remember: you are human.

You can only do what you can do. You can only do your best. And guess what? That woman over there who you think “has it all?” She’s struggling to fit it all in too. She’s struggling with not feeling good enough, too. She thinks she can do better, too. She’s berating herself for not being able to be Superwoman, too.


And the biggest myth on the planet is that we can or SHOULD have it all together with zero struggle.

In fact, perpetuating the idea that you should be 12% body fat, while also being able to spend hours at the gym, while also raising the perfect family and get every single chore done, and sleep 8 hours a night and pretend like clean eating is effortless and be fun, and outgoing, and smart, and beautiful, and successful and independent and basically perfect IS THE BIGGEST LIE ON EARTH.

And yet, we feel this way, don’t we?

We don’t feel good enough.

We stress about not being able to do and be everything we think we SHOULD do and be. Often we blame other people, a demanding boss, long hours, a terrible commute, kids whose filled calendars have us running all over the place, zero time for ourselves, a never-ending list of errands and chores, “the media” for perpetuating unrealistic body images, photoshop for existing, a friend who’s life isn’t as busy as ours, the gym we go that we don’t really like, the fact that we have a “slow metabolism” or even the fact that our husband eats crap while we’re forced to resort to ridiculous dieting measures.

We like to point external blame for why we don’t feel good enough. It’s natural.

This is a toughie, but I am going to drop some tough love on you right now 😉 … the idea that you’re not good enough is COMING FROM YOU.

The idea that you suck is actually not a fact 😉 It’s rather your interpretation of life. It’s how you choose to see what’s going on. It’s the gap between where you are and where you think you SHOULD be (there’s that freaking word again!), and it’s you who’s perpetuating the idea that that gap means you suck.

The bottom line is that all any of us can do is our best.

Last Sunday I ate an omelet with bacon, plus a side of bacon for breakfast and then a bottle of wine for dinner. I am not saying that’s healthy or anyone should follow my example–but I am saying that it was the best I could do that day.

Does that mean I am weak and undisciplined in general? No. Does it mean I’m off the bandwagon and I might as well throw in the towel? Nope. Does it mean that anyone who did not drink a bottle of wine for dinner is better than me? Of course not.

All it means is that we are all doing our best. And the more mental energy we spend fighting OUR NATURAL WAY OF BEING, the more miserable we are and the less likely we are to be able to actually DO the things that will help us get better.

Honor who you are. Honor your process. And honor whatever shows up as “your best” today.

As for me? I got up the next morning and killed legs with my training partner. I went on two leisure walks and packed about a million boxes to move into my new home on Tuesday. BOOM. That’s a successful day in my opinion. No remorse. No guilt. No self-berating. Just moving on as quickly as possible.


Self-perception is everything. It determines whether we feel motivated or discouraged. The way we see ourselves is completely subjective and the story we tell about who we are and what we are doing has the power to make or break our power.”

Remember, Jill’s 10-Week Mindset Makeover program [affiliate sales page link: where you put your ClickBank affiliate name in place of xxxxxx] is open for registration now through Friday July 25th at midnight EST only. Grab your spot! The program is a total game-changer.

====> 10-Week Mindset Makeover details here (closes Friday at midnight!) [affiliate sales page link: where you put your ClickBank affiliate name in place of xxxxxx]

And remember, all you can do is your best!

Let’s have a self-compassionate day!
[Your name]


Email 3: Last day to buy 
Suggested send date: Friday May 22nd

Subject: last day to get the Mindset Makeover (+ the difference between chronic dieters and healthy lifestyle-rs)


Hope you had a great week! A few things today.


A quick reminder that Jill’s 10-Week Mindset Makeover program [affiliate sales page link: where you put your ClickBank affiliate name in place of xxxxxx] closes at midnight tonight for the year. Be sure to grab it here [affiliate sales page link: where you put your ClickBank affiliate name in place of xxxxxx]. 


I want to talk about one simply mindset insight for fat loss—one that I consider a huge difference between people who live a healthy lifestyle year-round and those who are constantly crash dieting and never making any progress.

Here’s the thing: people who diet incessantly are rarely all that lean.

Seems counterintuitive, right? Like, shouldn’t they be in the best shape of all? I mean, they are always “on a new diet” so why do they have the hardest time losing fat?

And on the other hand, the leanest people are the ones who do the same stuff, day after day, year after year, rarely needing a “new meal plan” or a “jump start.” They barely offer a second glance to New Years Resolutions because their only promise to themselves is to keep doing what they do. They don’t need complete “lifestyle overhauls” and never make drastic changes to their eating.

Simply put, the leanest people are the most consistent. Not consistently perfect, but 90% tight 100% of the time, forever. There’s no “off.”

Furthermore, people who chronically diet need it to happen all at once or they’re on to the next ‘diet’.

THIS is the precise reason people who incessantly diet are not lean. Because engaging in the crash dieting cycle, month after month, year after year actually makes your metabolism LESS responsive. Whether it’s full-blown metabolic damage or simply slight weight loss resistance, the losing and gaining of dozens of pounds year after year is doing more harm than good.

Dieting actually makes you fatter. Every time you lose lots of weight quickly, you are losing fat, yes, but also losing muscle. And then when you regain it quickly (as is the case with crash diets), you gain back only fat. Thus, now you have less muscle and even more fat than you started with (even if your weight is the same).

Can you see how engaging in this process dozens of times is making things worse?

This also has to do with expectations and patience. If you expect to get a certain result within a certain time frame, then you’re already setting yourself up for failure.

Fat loss is not linear, nor predictable. And any coach or expert who guarantees a specific result in a certain time frame is an irresponsible coach. Fat loss works in fits and starts. It’s up, it’s down, it’s backwards, it’s forward, until finally you begin moving in the right direction over time.

There are zero guarantees and the leanest people buckle in for the long haul. The leanest people surf the waves. They weather the ups and downs and TRUST the process. They give up their expectations and simply do their best.

Ready to make the switch for good, from chronic dieter to someone with not only a lean physique, but also a shaped-up mindset?

Grab Jill’s program before midnight:

=====> Last chance! 10-Week Mindset Makeover Registration [affiliate sales page link: where you put your ClickBank affiliate name in place of xxxxxx]

Let me know if you have any questions!

[Your name]




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